The Etaphase core team includes scientific co-inventors of HUDS and its design techniques, intellectual property management experts, business development leaders, product engineering leaders in wireless, laser, & integrated circuit industries, expert theoreticians and optical modelers, and senior corporate managers. We have come together to bring the fundamental and powerful technical breakthrough that is HUDS to commercial application in partnership with a range of potential customers.

Doug Lockie | CEO Etaphase

Doug Lockie β€“ CEO

Dr. Ruth Ann Mullen – CTO
Over 30 years in photonics and optical network research, production, and IP management. Principal Investigator for our SBIR grant R&D. Deep network in photonics community.


Dr. Marian Florescu – Co-inventor & Scientist
Quantum optics expert and Professor at University of Surrey. Key contributor in design and optimization of HUDS products.

Dr. John Gustafson – Director

Dr. John Gustafson – Director and Chief Scientist
Mathematician and computing thought leader. Former Chief Product Architect at AMD, Intel Director and Senior Architect, and CEO of Massively Parallel Technologies.

Dr. William Colleran– Director

Dr. William Colleran – Director
Pioneer in Bluetooth industry. CEO, AnswerDash. Former Director of Business Development, Broadcom and CEO of RFID leader Impinj. Key contributor in HUDS product engineering.

Ben Shaw – Director

Ben Shaw – Director
20 years experience as engineer, management consulting, investment banking, technology incubation.

Joe Koepnick – Director

Joe Koepnick – Director
30 years leadership experience in IP management, technology commercialization and licensing. Former head of USC technology commercialization.

Prof. Paul Steinhardt – Co-inventor & Scientist

Prof. Paul Steinhardt – Co-inventor & Scientist
Scientific team leader, inventor of quasicrystals, and key contributor to HUDS photonic designs.  Albert Einstein Chair in Science and Director of the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science at Princeton University, Member of the National Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Paul Chaikin – Scientific Advisor

Prof. Paul Chaikin – Scientific Advisor
Co-developer of 3d photonic quasicrystals. Key HUDS manufacturing R&D collaborator. Silver Professor of Physics, NYU, Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Member of the National Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Sal Torquato – Co-inventor & Scientist

Prof. Salvatore Torquato – Co-Inventor & Scientist
Key HUDS and quasicrystal device design theorist. Professor of Chemistry, Princeton University. Fellow of American Physical Society.