Etaphase Incorporated

Our Technology

Etaphase technology involves new structural architectures of materials. Our patented approaches to meta-materials allow for designs optimally suited to target applications. ¬†Our core technologies include ‚Äėquasicrystal‚Äô architectures (the subject of 2011‚Äôs Nobel Prize in Chemistry) and ‘hyper-uniform disordered structures’ (HUDS).

HUDS are ‘semiconductors for light’ that were discovered at Princeton by the Etaphase founding scientific team. HUDS materials present the unexpected ability to provide a complete bandgap in an isotropic structure, a property previously though to be impossible to achieve. ¬†The isotropy means that input and output signals are the same in all directions, a feature that enables more flexible and more compact designs of photonic devices.¬† These bandgaps can be precisely tuned, and can be static or dynamically alterable.¬† HUDS¬†devices can operate across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.¬† A significant additional feature of HUDS¬†materials is that they are fully isotropic.¬† This means that input and output is uniform from any angle.

HUDS architectures for photonic integrated circuits (PICs) provide new non-Cartesian layout options for compact, photonic band gap structures, improved temperature sensitivity, isotropic coupling, and dynamically-tunable performance.¬† HUDS devices are based on ‚Äėsemiconductors of light‚Äô which are isotropic.