About Us

Etaphase develops products based on meta-material breakthroughs developed at Princeton University.

Our technology delivers breakthrough solutions for the new higher speeds required by data centers so that the Internet infrastructure can keep up with explosive demand.  We are developing a collection of high performance components to help realize the promise of optical processing devices, also known as ‘photonic integrated circuits’ (PICs).

Etaphase’s technology also can help solar panels capture and convert more of the sun’s energy in photovoltaic devices.

Our high performance filters can provide precisely tuned data and image communications and processing for applications in displays, communications links, power transfer, and imaging systems.  Our systems offer passive and dynamic tunability, and have applications including infrared, visible, ultraviolet, terahertz, and microwave ranges of the spectrum.

Etaphase is also developing applications of its technology for the paint, ink, and dye markets, with color-stable and non-toxic colorant alternatives to current products.