National Science Foundation awards Etaphase Phase 2a NSF SBIR

National Science Foundation awards Etaphase Phase 2a NSF SBIR for $149,999 for a collaboration with North Carolina Central University (NCCU). The goal of this collaboration is to support the application of state-of-the-art high performance computing to the design optimization of photonic integrated circuits, and to explore potential value propositions that might accrue from either the use of more efficient computer number systems and/or quantum computing.

Dr. Marian Florescu garners an “Impact Acceleration Award (IAA)”

University of Surrey awards Etaphase co-founder Dr. Marian Florescu an “Impact Acceleration Award (IAA)” entitled “Lambertian Solar-Cell Absorbers” in the amount of £18,067 for collaborative work with Etaphase. This award from University of Surrey where Dr Florescu is a Senior Lecturer was funded by the UK’s Engineering Physical Sciences Research Council provides mutual in-kind support to Etaphase’s NSF SBIR Programs.  

Hyperuniform disordered material with resonant structures patent issued

Etaphase’s US9,720,172 patent issued. “Hyperuniform disordered material with resonant structures” Abstract follows: An optical structure includes a Hyperuniform Disordered Solid (“HUDS”) structure, a waveguide, and a resonant cavity. The HUDS structure is formed by walled cells organized in a lattice. The waveguide is configured to guide an optical signal. The resonant cavity is formed along a boundary of the waveguide. The resonant cavity is configured to be resonant at a frequency band that is a subset of a bandwidth of the optical signal.

DARPA Trades uDesign: Type III unums (Posits)

Etaphase Kicks-off DARPA TRADES uDESIGN Program with a presentation by Etaphase Board Member Dr. John Gustafson describing a particularly hardware-friendly version of unum arithmetic known as “Type III unums,” also known as posits. Posits, are designed to efficiently represent data using half as many bits as compared to floats.