Frost and Sullivan Report identifies Princeton / Etaphase intellectual property as ‘Key Patent’ in photonics

May 2015 In their recent report, Impact of Photonic Materials in Key Applications, market research firm Frost and Sullivan has called out US application US20140366647 “Narrow-band frequency filters and splitters, photonics sensors, and cavities having pre-selected cavity modes” as a ‘key patent’ in the advance of metamaterials in photonics. Etaphase is the exclusive licensee of this intellectual property. The inventors are Etaphase co-founders and members of the core scientific team. The use of Etaphase’ hyperuniform disordered structures (‘HUDS’) in these photonic components has commercial applications in data communications, optical processing, big data, security and defense.

Etaphase awarded Phase I SBIR

2014 January. Etaphase awarded Phase I SBIR.  Etaphase is pleased to announce that the National  Science Foundation has selected Etaphase as a recipient of a Phase I SBIR grant for its research in the application of hyper-uniform disordered structures (‘HUDS™‘) material structural design to photonic integrated circuits (‘PICs’), entitled ‘Enabling Ultra-Compact Photonic Integrated Circuits with Designer Disordered Dielectrics’.

Etaphase successfully completes proof of concept development cycle for photonic integrated circuit components

2013 September. Etaphase successfully completes proof of concept development cycle for photonic integrated circuit components based on HUDS technology.  In conjunction with teams at the Universities of Washington and British Columbia, and San Francisco State University, Etaphase engineers designed, built, and tested the first set of photonic components using the company’s proprietary architecture and design tools.  This outcome extends earlier work by the company’s founding scientific team at Princeton, where HUDS™ was implemented for microwave devices to deliver isotropic band-gaps.

Etaphase demonstrates structural color using HUDS technology

2012 October.   Etaphase has successfully demonstrated structural color in commodity inorganic, non-toxic materials.  This advance confirms HUDS as a viable alternative to colorants that are subject to UV degradation and fading, that are toxic, that require the use of toxic solvents, or that are not commercially practical as uniform colorants due to iridescence.  HUDS structural color solutions can be used in inks, dyes, paints, in textiles, and in  coatings for strong, bright, colors.

Etaphase successfully demonstrates fabrication of HUDS in silicon CMOS chip

2012 October. Etaphase is pleased to announce it’s completion of demonstration of implementation of nano-scale HUDS architecture in silicon-on-insulator CMOS.  This work confirms that optimized hyperuniform disordered structures can be implemented in silicon for photonic communications components using conventional industry-standard lithography techniques.